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During a three-year-old circle time, there was a discussion about what month we were finishing.  The teacher gave a clue, "This month starts with a 'M'." A little gal exclaimed, "I know! It is Mommyuary!" 


The packet of forms for next year is due on or before Friday, May 6. Bring them to school or mail them to: 
Our Father Children's Learning Center
6335 South Holly Street
Centennial, CO 80121

GRADUATIONS May 18 and 19

Wed. May 18 - 10:30 AM Ms. Lynette, Ms. Laura & Lawson, Maria, & Oliver

Wed. May 18 - 12:00 PM Ms. Ali & Ms. Holly & Ms. Debbie

Thurs. May 19 - 10:30 AM Ms. Gretchen, Ms. Ellen, & Stella, Mason, Elise, & Madeleine

Thurs. May 19 - 12:00 PM Ms. Kerri (TThF) & Ms. Heather (TTh)

LAST CLASSES May 18 and 19

May has arrived with beautiful flowers and wonderful weather!  We will have two water days filled with splashing, "painting," slipping and sliding.  We will make giant bubbles and draw great pictures on the sidewalks.  The water tables will be filled with boats and fun stuff to measure and pour with!  We made beautiful gifts for our moms and early Father's Day gifts for our dads.

We will be holding graduation for our four and five-year-olds on May 18 and 19 at 10:30 am and Noon.  We will have family picnics for everyone!  These will be our final days of school.  

We feel so blessed to have been a part of all these little lives this year.  We wish you all a wonderful summer and will be anxious to return in September for another fun year!

Family Picnics:
Bring a lunch, drinks and a blanket for your family. We will enjoy a fun lunch together outside on the playground if the weather is nice!  Please sign your child out of the classroom before picnicing - at this time you will be responsible for your children.

Wed. May 18 - 11:00 Lynette, Laura, Heather/Patty (MWF), & Diane (MWF), & Bridget (MW)

Wed. May 18 - 12:30 Ali/Holly, Debbie, Kerri (MW), Anne & Carolee (MWF)

Thurs. May 19 - 11:00  Gretchen, Ellen, Diane (TTh), Carolee (TTh), Bridget(TTh)

Thurs. May 19 - 12:30 Kerri (TThF), Heather (TThF), Patty (TTh), & Claire

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