Let the Feast Begin!

Now that November is upon us, the children will discover exciting things about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, and turkeys.  The classrooms will soon be decorated with cornucopias and turkeys of all shapes and sizes.  The children will learn about the first Thanksgiving, friendship, and sharing.  We will have a real Thanksgiving feast with everything from turkey to pumpkin pie! We look forward to this time of praise and thanks to our Lord for all His blessings.

Thanksgiving Feasts – November 15th – 17th
Thanksgiving Break – Wed., Nov. 22nd – Fri., Nov. 24th
Book Fair – Nov. 27th – 30th

Christmas Program Dates:

Monday, December 18
10:00 am – Ellen, Debbie (MWF) & Claire (MWF)
12:00 pm – Kerri, Shana & Carolee

Tuesday, December 19
10:00 am – Gretchen, Claire (TTh) & Heather M.(3s)
12:00 pm – Heather H. (4s), Debbie (TTh), Samantha & Adrienne

Wednesday, December 20
10:00 am – Lynette, Diane & Jaime
12:00 pm – Bridget, Ali/Holly & Anne