A new school year begins!

The Learning Center opened the doors on September 5th to begin another exciting school year filled with fun for the little ones. About 200 children will fill the rooms with laughter and excitement. The preschool has a staff of 28 wonderful, Christian ladies who love and enjoy the children. In September, the children will talk about their families and how God made each of them so special. We will also learn about apples; counting them, graphing them by colors and making yummy applesauce.

Again this year, the entire preschool will be coming upstairs for a Chapel time with the church staff every week! We will enjoy singing and learning about Jesus all together. The preschool staff is excited to enjoy the gift of these children and we are looking forward to sharing in their lives this school year.  We invite you to come visit the Learning Center any time and enjoy the children!  Have a happy fall!