Voters’ Assembly Meeting

Our annual Voters’ Assembly Meeting will be Sunday, June 23 at 9:15 am in the Fellowship Hall.

Agenda for this meeting is:

  • Election of Parish Council officers and members-at-large

Slate of nominees are:

Sandy Clark, President
Philip Winkler, Vice President
TBD, Secretary
Linda Ward, Treasurer
Sheryl Olson, Assistant Treasurer
Cheryl Traff, Financial Secretary

Tim Schulteis
Vance Wagenkneckt
David Strain
Eric Bame
John Maus
Martha Parsons

  • Approval of annual ministry plan and budget
  • Approval of Bylaw Revisions

Documents for the Voters’ Assembly – Bylaw Revisions

BYLAWS of OFLC – Proposed – 21 May 2019 (clean copy)

BYLAWS of OFLC – Proposed – 21 May 2019 (with changes tracked)

BYLAWS of OFLC – Approved 6 May 2018 – signed

Governing Policies for OFLC – Approved 26 June 2018

OFLC Constitution

Additional Info & Glossary for Governing Documents

Bylaw Revisions FAQs

Why is Our Father making changes to the Bylaws?
Thankfully, God’s Word and His promises never change but how we govern the church’s affairs can and
should. Ministry is a dynamic endeavor and the means of governance should change accordingly to align with it. Additionally, changes may occur with state and federal laws which would necessitate Bylaw changes to ensure organizational compliance. Lastly, periodic review and appropriate changes to Bylaws help toward maintaining efficient and organized procedures for the church.

What sort of changes are being made?
The changes focus on updating sections that are out of date, aligning the Bylaws with the current
operation of OFLC, clarifying ambiguous content, and adding missing content. While improving the
content was the main focus, there are also changes to improve document organization, provide consistency in terminology, add clarity and correct typographical errors.

How long has the revision process taken to accomplish these proposed changes and who was involved?
A Task Force, appointed by Parish Council, consists of a Parish Council member, an OFLC staff member, and an additional member of the congregation has been hard at work since mid-2018 conducting a comprehensive and detailed review of the Bylaws. That team spent many, many hours in thoughtful meetings and discussion to update the Bylaw document. The Task Force presented their recommendation for revisions to the full Parish Council at their April 16, 2019 meeting. Over the next month the full Parish Council carefully reviewed the Task Force’s recommendation and at its May 21, 2019 meeting agreed upon the final revision to be presented for congregational approval at the June 23, 2019 Voters’ Assembly.

How can I obtain more information about these Bylaw revisions or ask further questions?
There will be two open forums for anyone to attend for the purpose of obtaining more information about the Bylaw revisions and ask questions. At these forums, Parish Council members will explain the changes in detail and the reasons for them. The forums will also be an opportunity for members of the congregation to provide input on the revisions. The forums will be held on Sunday, June 9 at 10:30am and at 12:00pm. Electronic copies of the Bylaw revisions are posted at which will show the original and revised language for all sections of the Bylaws, along with all other governing documents of Our Father.

OFLC Fiscal Year Transition Timeline

Our Father Lutheran aims to transition its operation (accounting) cycle from a calendar year to fiscal. Transitioning to this cycle aligns with the ministry year (events, liturgical calendar) and the preschool season. In order to accomplish this transition, an interim budget in 2019 will be created that will take effect January 1 and conclude June 30, 2019. The first fiscal year to take effect would be July 1, 2019. Below is a timeline of events during this transitional period.

Fiscal Year Transition FAQs

Why is this transition occurring?  Is there something occurring, not working or does not fit causing this transition?
Aligning the operating and accounting cycle is a better position in which to plan for ministry opportunities.  This transition is being initiated not out of a position or sense that something needs fixed or because it’s broken, but rather out of a desire to make things better.

How will this transition be accomplished when all our operating and accounting history is based on a calendar year cycle?
The current process of creating a budget utilizing projections and historical data will still be utilized even for the interim 6 month period budget.  Giving patterns, frequency, consistency and scope of expenditures are such that we can correlate these to a new budget even if that budget is shifted to a different time period.

What other areas will be affected by this transition and how will they be impacted?
There will certainly be areas where we cannot change or modify to mirror the fiscal year change. For example, payroll and its related reporting and employee benefits.

Does this fiscal year transition change how we plan for ministry opportunities?
There will be no change to how the ministry staff or volunteers function or plan the various areas of ministry responsibility.  In fact, this transition is designed to align the planning process and timeline better so ministry dollars are allocated in proximity to the ministry year cycle.  At present, a calendar year budget overlaps 2 ministry year cycles (January – June ministry cycle and July – December ministry cycle).  These are independent cycles which often have different ministry goals.

Who was involved in originating this transition concept and who will be accomplishing this transition?
The origination of this concept was from the ministry staff and a desire to have alignment of ministry planning coincide with our budget.  The concept was present to and approved by the Finance Committee and Parish Council of Our Father.  The execution of this transition will be accomplished by the Director of Finance and Administration, OFLCs accountant, the Finance Committee and other staff.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about this transition?
You can contact Doug Ullmann, Director of Finance and Administration at