Adult Education

Education Opportunities

Sunday Class Offerings (held during the Sunday School Hour 9:30 – 10:30 am starting January 8):

“The Gospel According to Mark” – Begins January 15, 2017. Led by Pastor Scott Abel.

“Wait…What? Did the Bible actually say that?”- Led by Richard Carnahan
Have you ever run across a Scripture passage that you found hard to understand or just plain challenging, in terms of your beliefs or perceptions? Spend some time as we take an opportunity to examine some of the more “difficult” passages in Scripture. Bring your Bibles and be refreshed in the Word!

“Mom still likes you best- Adult Sibling Relationships.” – Led by Linda Olsen and Ruth Harthun
We will explore the early ties between sibling and the myth that good adult sibling relations do not include conflict, annoyance or mixed feelings. Learn to let differences be overcome in adulthood. Birth order will also be a key component.

“Regrets, Realities, Restoration” – Led by Derek Woodward
Life is full of regrets. For some of us, these events or actions have scarred our psyches. Though the circumstance or action is long gone, the effects are often still present, self-accusing and disturbing. Explore the nature of regret and the forgiveness God holds out to each of us.

Wednesday Evenings (held 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm starting January 11):

“Love and Logic” – Led by Michele Schulteis
Love and logic tools and techniques can be used with toddlers and teens. In this course you will learn to avoid power-struggles, stay calm, set enforceable limits and much more.

“Bible Study for Parents of 5 -12th graders” – Led by Micah Steiner and Chip Sawyer
Parenting is one of life’s greatest callings, yet it is a challenge. More often we are tempted to think of it as a burden rather than the joy God meant it to be. Discover the difference between only surviving parenting versus thriving as extraordinary families in Christ.